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Recensione di: Javed I , ottobre 2016

this was just brilliant and highly recommend. Our main aim of the trip was the northern lights so decided to pay above the norm for the usual bus tour to ensure we get the best view of the lights.
The super jeep is amazing, as it gets to locations that the bus cannot get to.
there was about 13 of us so it was nice to be in a small group.
We actually saw the best lights ever on the day - it was the day when the city decided to turn off all the lights as the lights were predicted to be the best and it was !!! the location where we stopped was completely empty... there was no one else there!
The guide was brilliant - so kind and friendly.
Had some hot chocolate and some alcohol to keep us warm.
Would suggest if seeing the lights is high on your list pay extra for this tour!!! We stopped about 3 times in three locations all of which were empty and also the guide took pics on his super powerful camera which we then were provided a link to so we could get the awesome pics to print later on.

Recensione di: bjarzobs , ottobre 2016

Great tour. Lucky for us the night was perfect and we saw awesome northern lights. Loved that the guide took photos with his special slow shutter camera!

Recensione di: Symon I , luglio 2016

Great trip - the guides were knowlegble and patient. Especially in helping is set up our cameras in manual mode so we could get some perfect pictures.

We arrived back at the hotel at 2 in the morning not being able to go to sleep still with the memories of an amazing evening!

Recensione di: Americo L , maggio 2016

If you want pics of northern lights - this is it - the best out there - absolutely loved it - don't bother with the others. Well worth the money.

Recensione di: Kate C , marzo 2016

Superb, it was freezing but loved witnessing the aurora borealis. The super jeep was comfortable and gets you to the best places to see the lights totally recommend this trip.

Recensione di: Jennifer J , febbraio 2016

Brilliant Trip with Clements a wonderful guide. We went on this trip two nights and highly recommend it. The guides are very knowledgable and take you off the beaten track

Recensione di: RS , novembre 2015

This was an amazing tour! Our guide, Gilli, was excellent! He was very knowledgable and was constantly checking to see where would be the best place to see the northern lights. We drove 2 and a half hours north of Reykjavik and we managed to see them!! They were totally worth it! We were able to stay out a bit later than perhaps other tours would allow, as it is a smaller tour than most, which is a good thing - a more personal touch. Totally recommend this tour!

Recensione di: Tom L , ottobre 2015

The trip was really made by our excellent guide, Clemens. He was truly passionate about the northern lights, and Iceland in general, and he made the whole experience one of the highlights of our trip. He loved telling is stories along the way while we were searching for the lights, and he was really knowledgeable about the various meteorological aspects in order to find the best viewpoint. The lights themselves were just awe inspiring and pictures can't do justice to the eeriness you feel when you witness them in total silence and darkness. Highly recommended. Bring plenty of warm clothes though!

Recensione di: brian b , febbraio 2015

We went out family of 6 on the 21/12/14 Orie was our driver, fantastic jeep, sadly no lights but the men in our party liked the jeep so much they embraced a second attempt to see the lights, again on 23/12/14 with clements in a different jeep and wow the northern lights danced. Great memory thankyou

Recensione di: Perry P , febbraio 2015

This tour was amazing!

Recensione di: Glenn J , gennaio 2015

Artis was a brilliant guide. She took us to some amazing places where my husband was able to take great photos of the Northern Lights. She kept us entertained and informed throughout.

Recensione di: Peter A , febbraio 2017

Pick up time we were told to be ready as of 20h, and finally picked up at 21h! Quite some waiting around. Besides this the guide was funny, knowledgeable, and most importantly we saw the Northern Lights! And what a show!!!

Recensione di: Jillian H , marzo 2015

This tour is great! When our trip was cancelled due to weather they worked with us to re-book us on the next night's trip. The guides took us to some cool spots where we were able to see the lights... and they provided us with hot chocolate and schnapps! Only negative was that while we were in a jeep with a small amount of people, the spots we went to had about 4-5 other jeeps so it wasn't really a small group tour.

Recensione di: Arron M , dicembre 2014

Was a good tour. The driver was friendly and talkative. We only got to see white northern lights after a few hours searching which was disappointing. But it is the most common form. Could only tell they were northern lights through a camera where they popped out as green in the photos.

Recensione di: Rüdiger S , dicembre 2014

Die Organisation war sehr chaotisch, unser sicherlich netter Fahrer etwas and quot;verstrahlt and quot; und das ganze unorganisiert. Im Auto lange Wartezeit. Die Fahrt in kleiner Gruppe abseits der Wege stellten wir uns anders vor. Zehn Personen saßen eng in einem Kleinbusähnlichen Geländewagen und wir fuhren zwei Nebenstraßen, die Busse nicht fahren konnten. Das war enttäuschend. Der Fahrer blieb bemüht und der Ausflug wurde trotzdem zu einem großartigen Erlebnis, da wir das Glück einer klaren Vollmondnacht im Schnee mit einer Aurora Borealis auf Stromlevel hatten. Das muss man gesehen haben, egal wie man in eine Landschaft ohne künstliche Lichtquellen kommt.