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Recensione di: Philip S , novembre 2016

Simply put - do not miss this tour! Our first night in Rome was perfection with this tour. Jess was wonderful at educating and entertaining us as we learned about the food of Italy. This was super at helping us for the rest of our trip with how we ordered and what we ate. The evening included cheeses, pizza, meats, pasta, gellato, wine and lots of laughter! Our group of twelve was perfect in size. So fun! So tasty!

Recensione di: tracypars , ottobre 2016

My husband and I did this tour our first evening in Rome, and it was tremendous! Raluca, our guide, was absolutely delightful, super informative and very knowledgeable about what we were tasting, in a very relaxed atmosphere. The walking part was very easy and not the least bit strenuous. The food samples were terrific and great to have a taste of the food that makes the region famous - all accompanied with wine. The appetizers were enough for a taste, the pizza was heavenly, the home-made pasta super good, and the gelato was amazing. Highly recommended and could not have imagined a better way to spend the evening.

Recensione di: brent64 , ottobre 2016

My favorite tour, you could tell the guide loved food and her job.

Recensione di: jla258 , ottobre 2016

This was a tour we did on our first night in Rome. Best thing we could have done. The guideJess was awesome, she knows her stuff and really seems to enjoy what she does. There is no shortage of food and the time spent at each place was perfect. I did this tour with my 11 year old daughter and she thoroughly enjoyed it as well. Highly recommend.

Recensione di: Brittney D , ottobre 2016

We had a group of 6 friends all do this tour with Raluca. She was awesome! She was so informative and fun. We did this tour on our first night in Rome, which was so nice because it taught us so much that we kept in mind for the remainder of our trip. We went to a lot of places and had different wonderful food at each place. It was all so so good! I would highly recommend this tour and would love to do it again! :

Recensione di: Iva G , ottobre 2016

We were so looking forward to this as the highlight of our trip to Rome and it was! Jessica Rojas was amazing - fun, informative, knew the local neighborhood and we felt welcome and adventurous at the same time. It was terrific!

Recensione di: Phyllis C , settembre 2016

Unbelievable tour and one of my best experiences in Rome. I have been on many food tours in different cities but this one was the most memorable led by a vivacious, charming and very caring guide!

Recensione di: Jeanette C , United States of America, settembre 2016

This is a must do in Rome! The Prati District, the location of the tour, is a community that has fantastic restaurants, specialty shops, pizza, and gelato. Our guide, Raluca, is an enthusiastic foodie and a delight. She took us to amazing places to sample pizza, gelato, pasta, prosciutto. Raluca's interest in Italian cuisine, knowledge in its history, and goal to make our tour a fun, delicious experience was exceptional.

Recensione di: Jeffrey S , settembre 2016

We loved this tour. Our guide, Raluca, was both entertaining and informative. The food was amazing and the sit down dinner with our multi-national group was engaging. We really felt like we got to be Italian for a night!

Recensione di: Valentina C , settembre 2016

Amazing tour guide and food! The experience was one our favorite parts of our entire trip. I would highly recommend this to tour.

Recensione di: sarah p , settembre 2016

Fantastic waling tour, excellent local guide amazing food experience.

Recensione di: Elizabeth M , settembre 2016

Jess was amazing, passionate and very knowledgable! Fabulous! Restaurant choices were outstanding-best of the best! Entertaining and delicious and generous portions of all food and wine! Fantastic experience - would recommend to anyone!

Recensione di: thuiz , settembre 2016

Tour guide - Jessenia Jess hosted by Roman Food Tour - This tour is fantastic. We visited 5 different locations getting the all inclusive appetizer to dessert menu. The guide - Jess was informative and she made the tour a success.

Recensione di: Lynette V , settembre 2016

Excellent. Food was great, and the guide was very enthusiastic, and very informative.

Recensione di: cris , settembre 2016

If you are visiting Rome, you must first go on this tour. Our tour guide Ralucca was awesome and gave us great tips about the quality and what to look for when deciding to choose a decent restaurant. The food we had was a great experience and the hosts greeted us with open arms. My friends and I are still talking about it.


Recensione di: Elizabeth S , settembre 2016

Highlight of our trip! Didn and #39;t seem like a tour, more like a good friend showing us around. Jess was so passionate and genuinely excited for us to enjoy the food. We ate so many delicious things that we and #39;re still talking about. She also gave us info that was helpful for the rest of our week in Italy.

Recensione di: Amy O , settembre 2016

One of the best tours we took during our week in Rome. Rulacca our tour guide was the BEST! This tour covers every type of food imaginable and all of it was excellent. Coffee, pastries, cheese, wine, ham, pizza, pasta, calamari, gelato, more wine, more cheese. Do yourself a favor and go on this tour!

Recensione di: newforms07 , settembre 2016

Such an incredible tour! In the following days, we and #39;ve independently dined at two of the restaurants on the tour and we plan to visit more. Jess was utterly superb as our guide and the food was nothing short of exquisite. Simply a must! Tom and Amy.

Recensione di: Zachary T , settembre 2016

this is an incredible way to start any Roman holiday. Our guide, Amanda, was informative and personable in a way that made you feel like you had known her for years. Do not eat ahead of time as you will be stuffed after all the delectable treats that await you. Go at the beginning of your trip so that you know what to be on the look for over the remainder. Highly recommended!

Recensione di: Hiram K , agosto 2016

Even with high expectations, it was a really good food tour. The friendly guide provided a lot of food history and insights that were very interesting, and we ate some of the best food we've ever tasted. There was a lot of walking, but we're especially glad that we chose a tour of a less touristy area.

Recensione di: Lee P , agosto 2016

Probably the highlight of our trip, Jess was incredibly knowledgable and friendly and really made the tour what it was. I would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting Rome.

Recensione di: Derrick T , agosto 2016

Very, very good food tour. Enjoyed the food and the tour so much. We learned so much about Italian food from the guide. Thanks very much!

Recensione di: leanne g , agosto 2016

One word.........Brilliant!
This is something you must do. So much fun, so much information and the food was fab,
Great value for money but make sure you do it at the start of your holiday because all the information will put you in the right direction regarding eating and drinking.

Recensione di: Yu-Hui L , agosto 2016

Food was great., tour guide was amazing , learn lots of knowledge about Italian food. I will try another food tour next time

Recensione di: Stuart L , agosto 2016

This is a first class tour. Jess was our guide and she was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. We started at a deli and tried a range of cold meats and had some wine. Next was cannoli - which were wonderful. Then onto one of the best pizza places in Rome before cheese at another deli. Then a short walk for three types of pasta and the gelato. It was wonderful and you will not be hungry. Plenty of food and a great night with lovely people!