• Luogo: Singapore, Singapore
  • Durata: 3 ore 30 minuti (appross.)

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Recensione di: Anna R , settembre 2016

Excellent tour guide Stephen. Four 20-minute stops - a great overview of S'pore.

Recensione di: Trish C , settembre 2016

This is a great tour to see the city if you have limited time,. Excellent

Recensione di: Ronald J H , settembre 2016

learnt heaps about Singapore excellent guide full on knowledge and history of Singapore

Recensione di: Tiffany D , luglio 2016

Tour was convenient, specially if you have limited time.
Recommended for first timers in Singapore.
Hotel pick-up was on time.

Recensione di: Manjit B , luglio 2016

Very much worthwhile I will be booking more

Recensione di: tin , luglio 2016

It was fun and beautiful!

Recensione di: Karen A , luglio 2016

For a short tour it was very good

Recensione di: Charisma , Philippines, luglio 2016

Tours and guide was excellent!
Everything is perfect and great.

Recensione di: Shellz , giugno 2016

I would recommend you do this at the start of your trip

Recensione di: Sandra B , giugno 2016

Great tour...knowledgeable guide, significant points of interest, properly paced, comfortable bus, would highly recommend it to others.

Recensione di: Motty S , giugno 2016

tour guide was excellent. Sights were enjoyable. Very well organised

Recensione di: Sonam S , marzo 2016

Trip and guide both were great.

Recensione di: Travis B , gennaio 2016

Great way to become aquatinted with the city to help you decide what you'd like to explore more.

Recensione di: douglas d , dicembre 2016

Our guide was very good. Unfortunately, the other people on the tour were very obnoxious and not respectful and it ruined it for the rest of us. He did the best he could, but it was out of his control.

Recensione di: riksan , ottobre 2016

A good overview to the city and surrounding area, with a visit to Little India, China town where good but not long enough. The Orchid garden was outstanding. Overall we had a great guide and her information was the real highlight. After we where dropped off at our hotel we headed back to Little India to investigate the small laneways we had only glanced at earlier. Would recommend this tour if staying for only a few days.

Recensione di: JB , United Kingdom, settembre 2016

Thoroughly enjoyed this tour. A lot to see

Recensione di: rubiniinc , luglio 2016

This tour was amazing!

Recensione di: Bronwyn K , luglio 2016

It was a good general overview of Singapore.

Recensione di: Julianna W , settembre 2016

The tour guide was very sweet and tried really hard but it was more of a shopping and market trip. Lots of roads were closed due to the formulae 1 and we didn and #39;t get to see everything we thought we would. We were not warned about this and I must admit I was a bit disappointed!!

Recensione di: Heather U , maggio 2016

Absolutely no time to look at anything. We missed the bus by 5 minutes at Little India and saw nothing else. Caught a taxi to Botanical Gardens to meet up with the bus but it never arrived at the time we were told.
Hop on Hop off was way better.

Recensione di: Gillian R , giugno 2016

Beware this half day tour is not good value for money. Tour guide did not do a good job. Very disappointing.

Recensione di: Jessica C , aprile 2016

I have to admit this tour was not my favorite as it seemed rushed. I understand it was a half day tour, but when visiting an area in Singapore I don't think it is unreasonable to want at least 15 minutes to explore. Most stops, like Little India we were instructed we had 20 minutes and the guide was clear that we would be left if not on time. Our bus was rather full so after waiting out turn to get off it never failed that we had a mere 5-10 minutes to explore before we were to be back on the bus. The tour guides microphone wasn't working so no one heard her commentary. It was extremely hot and I was traveling with a toddler and we were told we could not bring any drinks on the bus. The orchard park was the best as we were given plenty of time to explore the beautiful grounds. I was disappointed however that my toddler feel asleep so my husband decided to stay back on the bus while I explored the gardens. The bus driver cut the bus off and when my husband asked for him to turn it back on for a little circulation he told him to go outside for air. When I returned both my sleeping baby and husband were drenched in sweat.