• Luogo: St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • Durata: 45 minuti (appross.)

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Recensione di: Anoushka Peiris I , giugno 2015

very accurate pick up

Recensione di: Barry J , luglio 2013


Recensione di: Hayley K , luglio 2013

Great driver.

Recensione di: Maurice R , giugno 2013

Driver was waiting for us, and assisted with luggage. Comfortable and speedy transfer to hotel. Driver refused any tip!!!

Recensione di: Jennifer B , USA, settembre 2012

On time, nice driver, clean high-end vehicle. What more could you ask for?

Recensione di: Kenneth D , luglio 2012

Pick up went very well and was confirmed in advance. The fact that the pick up was at 4.00am was a concern but driver arrived on time and was very helpful.

Recensione di: Frances S , giugno 2012

Taxi driver turned up on time at the hotel and dropped us off at the airport. - good service

Recensione di: David W , maggio 2012

The hotel contacted Marie Rose to make sure that we were picked up on time since we had had such a bad experience when we arrived. The transfer car arrived at the time we asked and this time, the car was clean and the driver smartly dressed.

Recensione di: Margarida G , Portugal, gennaio 2010

Always on time, with a great effort to please, driving very well.

Recensione di: Peter W , ottobre 2016

Driver spoke only Russian. I believe that if you offer any kind of hospitaly service, the staff must speak at least one foreign language.

Recensione di: Nareshchandra S , agosto 2013

Excellent except the driver went to a different Radisson Hotel

Recensione di: Jules P , luglio 2013

After our bad experience with the city grand tour, we had to use the services of hotel concierge
to contact Maria Rose Tours to finally have a car 30 minutes later than promised.
The car was ok and the driver also.

Recensione di: Christine B , giugno 2013

Very good, arrived on time, the taxi was clean and the driver was pleasant.

Recensione di: Lilia J P , settembre 2012

It was OK, but the guide didn't spoke a word, I think he didn't Know English.

Recensione di: Miriam F , Israel, luglio 2012

A driver who could at least speak some words in English would have make this 5 stars.

Recensione di: Anonimo , Israel, ottobre 2008

Efficient service.

Recensione di: Brenda F , United Kingdom, agosto 2008

It was comforting to have the same driver taking us back to the airport. Only one problem I phoned Saturday to check pick-up time for the Sunday departure, but the office was closed on weekends! The company did leave a message on our hotel phone later that day and a written message with reception, which was appreciated. But it would have been useful to have known to ring on Friday!

Recensione di: Graham B , Australia, agosto 2008

Driver was waiting for us when we arrived on time. Much better than a taxi.

Recensione di: Daniel P , novembre 2011

It was alright. We were picked up quite 0600....and the driver looked like he just got out of bed and came over quick to get us....didn't talk much....and drove us quite well to the airport. I'm not complaining at all. I don't expect a quick perky chatty driver....I probably would have been annoyed at

Recensione di: Martha H , dicembre 2011

We arranged for the depature to pick us up from our hotel and confirmed the time twice, despite this, the lady driver turned up late. She could hardly speak English and we had a hard time understanding what she was trying to ask us and in the end she was just asking us if we were going to the airport! She then led us to a really old car that had definately seen better days! It took us over an hour to get there due to the traffic and I honestly did worry that the car would make it! And indeed if she was taking us to the right place! We did get there in the end, but for the price I don't think this is the service you pay for, especially campared to the service/car we had on the Airport Arrival transport!!

Recensione di: Brian B , USA, agosto 2008

The company called the day before and left message with hotel that they would pick us up 4 hours before our flight--crazy. I called back and told them 2.5 hours before. Someone showed up 4 hours before anyway. We had them come back. That person was not friendly and drove like a crazy person. Oh, and it took only 20 minutes to get to the airport. I guess it didn't kill me, so that's as positive as I can get with this review.

Recensione di: Egil O , United Kingdom, luglio 2008

We arranged a pickup time with the agency about an hour earlier than we had planned based on their recommendations for how long in advance we needed to leave the hotel. The following day they just informed us that they had arbitrarily moved that another half an hour earlier due to "traffic conditions". As it happens, there were absolutely no traffic problems, and the transfer took about half an hour from the downtown hotel to the airport, leaving us with a close to two-hour wait at the airport before our check-in even started.

Recensione di: john and sonja , Australia, giugno 2012

Driver was right on time. Make sure you clarify with the driver which terminal you are leaving from as they don't speak much english. We were dropped at the wrong terminal and had to get a cab to the right one which cost us an extra 500RUB. It's probably just as easy to get a your hotel to call a's cheaper and no problem at all.