• Luogo: Toronto, Canada
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Recensione di: Betty G , novembre 2016

This was an amazing experience. A must see for children and adults. Everything was very clean and well organized. I will go again sometime.

Recensione di: Luz B , ottobre 2016

Visited Ripley's Aquarium of Canada. It was a great experience. Great for kids and adults. I enjoyed every minute of it. Lots of sea creature varieties, especially the sharks. I also enjoyed a treat at their Cafe/Snack.

Recensione di: Carol M , settembre 2016

Wonderful day. The Aquarium is set up beautifully. The tanks all are clean. Fish look well-cared for and there are many interactive experiences for kids. Excellent adventure.

Recensione di: Claire A , luglio 2016

Best aquarium I have been to and I went to 4 different ones during my time in America as we travelled from location to location

Recensione di: AMANDA W , luglio 2016

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! You walk through a tunnel with the fish all around you and up over you! So exciting! You can pet the stingray, they come right up to you and wait to be petted!! WOW!

Recensione di: Carole D , novembre 2015

The Aquarium was wonderful but very full of school children. The CN tower beside it was wonderful too.

Recensione di: eltee25 , agosto 2016

It's a WOW

Recensione di: eltee25 , agosto 2016

Very nice, Awesome!

Recensione di: CHRISTIANE C , luglio 2016

On y a vu des espèces jamais bues

Recensione di: James R , aprile 2016

The aquarium was great and there were a lot of neat animal exhibits. The clear tunnels with the fish swimming around you were really cool and the jellyfish exhibits were stunning. One word of caution though and that is the Aquarium is in Toronto which is an hour and a half from Niagara Falls with light traffic. Unfortunately we found out that with traffic the trip is more like two and a half hours most of it sitting in stop and go in/around downtown Toronto construction I think?. The ride was much better and right at an hour and a half. Fortunately that was the only event we had planned for the day. Just plan for the traffic and you'll be fine and have a great time.

Recensione di: Julie L , agosto 2016

Nice aquarium. Ideal for families with young kids.

Recensione di: NATALIA T , agosto 2016

Acuario pequeño

Recensione di: Miriam G , Canada, agosto 2016

If you are a senior do not attempt to visit the aquarium as you will see nothing and go home with a headache. From what little we saw the aquarium is lovely. It would be best to go at a time when there are not so many kids and strollers.