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Combina i due viaggi di un giorno di maggior successo con partenza da Monaco per vedere il meglio della Baviera e una fetta di Austria in due giorni. Il primo giorno, visita la città austriaca di Salisburgo, dove è possibile vedere le sue principali attrazioni come la Piazza Mozart e i giardini di Mirabell per poi dirigerti verso il lago Wolfgangsee per una pittoresca passeggiata sul lungolago o un giro facoltativo in barca. Il giorno successivo, potrai avventurarti verso nord sulla Strada romantica alla scoperta di due dei suoi borghi medievali – Harburg e Rothenburg, una delle città medievali meglio conservate d'Europa. Avrai tempo libero in ogni città per esplorarla come lo desideri.


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, ott 2017

The Salzburg trip was so bad on the first day that we chose to lose out on our money and not go on the second day tour to the Romantic Road that we had already paid for. The tour guide talked non-stop for the entire trip over a very loud PA system. Some of the information was ok, but most of it was for the sake of talking. The drive was way too long for her to talk the entire time. When we got to Salzburg, she announced over the loud speaker that she could tell by looking at some of us when we got on the bus, that we were out of shape and that those people should take the shuttle into town instead of walking with her. She handed all of us a bad map, and sent us on our own for 3 hours. I feel like we wasted 3 hours because we didn't know where to really go. When we got to the Lake District, I wasn't feeling well, but was forced off of the bus to hang out in the cold and rain for an hour we didn't get the opportunity to go on the boat ride due to the bad weather. I could understand making me get off of the bus if the bus wasn't staying in the same location, but it was parked there the whole time. We were both very disappointed with this tour, and wish we had taken the train tour to Salzburg instead, we had heard from others that that was a much nicer tour.

, set 2017

I booked the dual trip. I am giving one star for the Salzburg portion, but would give four or five stars to the Rothenburg portion. The Salzburg portion was with a guide that delivered commentary in both Spanish and English. I was unaware two languages would be spoken. The reason this is an issue is that she would speak for five minutes in Spanish and then deliver information in English. Often that meant by the time she spoke in English, the relevant points of interest were no longer there. Also, as I understand quite a bit of Spanish, I realized she did not deliver all the same information in English. I felt short-changed on the info. She was also not very concerned about the issue and told me I could leave the trip and take a train back. I decided to leave the trip after Salzburg and took the train back to Munich. I would recommend that people just take the train to Salzburg and take a tour there rather than dealing with this type of situation. Several other people were clearly upset by the situation too. The Romantic Road and Rothenburg tour was very nice. I would learned more that day about Mozart than the trip to Salzburg. The castle and the town were both great. I would highly recommend this tour. There was ample time to explore Rothenburg on my own, which was appreciated.

, ago 2017

Having completed the Munich Super Saver tours, we my family and I total 5 people can honestly say that it was a satisfactory, but not great, experience. First of all, the enduring back-to-back bus rides took a lot of time from visiting Munich... the day trip to Salzburg was disappointing in that we only had a couple of hours in Salzburg itself... having to make time for a trip to the lake, which took up the entire afternoon for a brief 30 minute boat ride... Salzburg deserved more time, especially since one could have taken the train there in less than an hour and a half, spend 6 hours to fully appreciate this beautiful city, and return to Munich in late afternoon.
The second day trip was somewhat better... It was a long bus journey along the Romantic Road, and the stopover at Harburg was understandable... although the castle very plain was detached from the city, which did not allow for those not visiting the castle to wander through the streets of its city. However, once we had arrived at the beautiful city of Rothenburg, we were given only a short time to visit and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in this enchanting city... only to return to Munich much earlier than stated: 6:30 P.M. rather than 8:00 P.M. We could have easily spent another hour in Rothenburg.
Overall, my family and I thought the overall organisation was good, and both the drivers and the guides were very polite and professional.

, lug 2017

We loved visiting Salzburg, Rothenburg and Wolfgang. The locations visited were stunning. The challenge was the tour group size 79 and one assigned guide. It was a challenge to keep everyone on schedule. It was also difficult to hear our guide. She definitely attempted to ensure we all could hear her.

The tour left 30 minutes late a family didn't bring their passports. This delay, combined with traffic left us with only 90 minutes in Salzburg. Certainly not enough time to see the beauty of the city. The rest of the afternoon in the Lake District was beautiful.

The Rothenburg trip was spectacular! The city is beautiful with ample time to enjoy the town.

Please remember to bring your passport when taking the tour outside of Germany- the bus was stopped and all travelers had to show passports when entering back from Austria.

, mag 2017

It is a wonderful and relaxing trip. Beautiful sceneries all the way to Salzburg but the second day to Rothenburg was cloudy. However, the authentic feelings in Rothernburg due to the unique buildings offset the moodiness of the weather. We want to thank the tour guides Markus and Ingrid for their clear explanations and knowledges of the place. They are very friendly, helpful and humorous.

, nov 2016

Both Salzburg and Rothenburg were my favorite places to see. However, better to take two separate trips because the amount of time spent in each was too short. Rothenburg trip is worth a whole day in itself.

, set 2016

The review of this tour said nothing about needing a Passport. Yes, that information is in the 'Terms and Agreement' section. It was totally my fault for not having my Passport with me and I would not compromise the group or the Company for my omission. PLEASE add to the Tour overview that Passports must be carried by tour members passing through different countries.

, set 2016

Très belle journée, dommage que ce soit un peu la course et que le temps attribué soit très court à Salzbourg.
Promenade en bateau l'après midi excellente, paysages magnifiques

, ago 2016

Great tour - the guides had a great knowledge of the areas visiting and there was also free time to do some shopping and go back and look at something that interested you. Highly recommended.

, giu 2016

Precioso ambas excursiones, el que te lleven a los lagos es magnífico, Salzburgo supero mis expectativas por mucho y Rhotenburg es muy bonito.

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